The Arneg Group at Euroshop Dusseldorf 2011

Excellent Arneg Group presence at Euroshop 2011, the world’s leading fair for trade’s global investment goods.

2038 exhibitors from 53 nations. Over 106,000 visitors collecting information on retail products, trends and concepts.

Over 107,000 square metres of exhibition space.

The Arneg group on a circa 3000 sq m scenographic stand inspired by sustainable growth to improve quality of life. The TREE as the emblem of that concept. A natural element par excellence and keystone to new Arneg communication expressing a ‘green philosophy’ based on those universal themes of eco sustainability, energy savings, respect for environment and people, responsible growth. A lush tree representing a company with solid, ancient roots that has grown dipping into the lifeblood of a rich territory, to offer new fruits each season. Communication spectacularly slanted over three ‘areas’ for the fair, completing the ‘naturally innovative’ concept: the world’s Patriarchs, secular trees that have survived the passage of time, displayed in a picture gallery alluding at Arneg’s vital strength; natural passage narrated through art, evocatively underlining how important the environmental context is for healthy growth; vertical green, symbolic staging of that perfect balance between naturalness and human intervention, technology and respect for the environment.

A complex, articulated project to underline Arneg’s charismatic, global image.

An image translated into a considerbale offering of innovative products for what concerns services, energy savings and design. Starting with furniture and the new refrigerated display units, result of ARNEG research and collaboration with the most important European distribution realities; all featuring considerable energy savings, great efficiency and versatility and aesthetics adding maximum value to product quality. INTRAC, specialised in selling area furnishings with standard and customisable payment points, exhibited its first fruits in 2 pavilions, one dedicated to food and the other non food; working on customisation, specialisation and style, the result of in-depth study of materials and market research. INCOLD, European refrigeration cell reference point, continually investing in differentiated research and development, presented important novelties for all 3 of its divisions: from commercial cells to isothermic doors and industrial panels. Then lots of news from OSCARTIELLE; innovation of historic models and new ones for the ‘food and beverage’ sector. The company has extended the use of energy saving solutions to its entire range, such as led lighting, low consumption fans and high efficiency compressors. A special thanks to all the guests who visited the stand!