The CE-M doors, available on both positive and negative temperature models, consist of 4 essential parts as specified below.

A - Frame in plastic material internally reinforced in steel. In the low temperature version it is equipped with a heating element.

B - Monolithic leaf in bended prepainted sheet white Ral 9010. Thermal insulation with rigid injected polyurethane foam. A rubber gasket is placed along the perimetral edges. The hardware consists mainly of a rotating handle, complete with key lock and internal safety release and minimum two rising hinges adjustable in three directions. The leaf comes in 3 different thicknesses depending on the working temperature: 

CE-M 07 TN for uses up to – 5°C

CE-M 09 BT for uses up to – 20°C

CE-M 12 BT for uses up to – 30°C

C - Threshold, connected to the frame, can be in 8 different types according to the required use of the door.

D - Internal frame in white plastic material for a rapid fastening to the panels.

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