High traffic swinging doors

High Traffic Swinging Doors, UNIKA TSD, are manufactured for application in areas with high traffic of workers or trolleys. These heavy duty frameless doors are designed for various types of application, in particular for physical separation between working areas and/or preparation rooms with a considerable handling of products. UNIKA TSD doors are available in one or two leaves.


A - The leaf is made of PP (polypropylene) slab, 20 mm thick, light gray RAL 7032, resistant and easy to clean, non-toxic and suitable to food contact. 

B - Two heavy duty double-action gravity hinges with die-cast aluminum body and stainless steel rotating axis, which constitute the bearing structure of the door and that, for their conception, automatically close the leaf. For leaves higher than 2400 mm, three hinges are provided. No stop at 90°.

C - Elliptic clear methacrylate porthole dimensions 300 x 600 mm.